What is a Forerunner?

A Forerunner goes before and enters into what God has,
then interceeds for others to enter into it also. They are
pioneers in the Kingdom. A Forerunner is characterized by their
motivation to reform the Body of Christ and who by grace and revelation
are called to the ministry of preparing the church for the Lord’s return.

Some Personality Traits of a Forerunner

  • Highly value being guided by the Holy Spirit
  • Non-conformers in lifestyle or some other aspect of their life
  • Don’t value belonging and often avoid it. They are seen by others as outsiders
  • Have been or are being prepared for powerful ministry through a prolonged wilderness experience
  • Have made significant personal sacrifices for the Gospel
  • Have been persecuted for their revelation of the Kingdom
  • Not afraid to confront duplicity and sin even when there are personal costs
  • Focused on fulfilling their call and purpose in Christ
  • Love and pursue the truth of God
  • Not afraid of change
  • They are adventurous
  • Many forerunners are gifted communicators (teachers, musicians, broadcasters, artists, authors, journalists, filmmakers)

Forerunners are early adopters
Forerunners recognize the need for change and adopt it quickly. They work for change through teaching, writing, and demonstration. Martin Luther, John Wesley, and Charles Finney were among the most well known Forerunners. Each of these men played a role in God’s reformation of the Church. Many unknown men of God, however, recognized, supported and taught the reformation message which spread it throughout the whole Body of Christ. Forerunners see the path and are quick to evaluate, adopt and intregrate new revelation into their lives and ministry.

There are three forerunners identified as such in the Scriptures; Elijah, John the Baptist and Jesus Christ who was “The” forerunner. There were many more who did the ministry of a forerunner. John the Baptist proclaimed a “preparation” before the coming of Jesus’ ministry. Forerunners are concerned with preparation. Malachi 4:5 asserts that God will send Elijah before the great and terrible day of the Lord. Many scholars believe that the Lord will prepare His Bride for His return with a company of forerunners who will prepare and “make straight” the way of the Lord before His triumphant reunion with His bride, the Church. These forerunner ministers will participate in bringing about the reformation and restoration of the Church.

A Forerunner Ministry:

  • Prophetic Intercession
  • Prophetic Proclamation
  • Prophetic Teaching and Preaching
  • Word of Wisdom
  • Expose and Confront:
    – hidden sin (inner or physical healing)
    – traditions or dead religion
    – demonic strongholds
    – unbelief, idolatry, and impure motives
    – worldliness

The Forerunner Army
God is raising up an army of forerunners who will prepare the way of the Lord. The Forerunner Ministry is a catalyst in the coming together of this army into one trained and effective unit that will pull down every high place and lift up every low place and make a (high)way for the Lord. (Isa. 10:3-5) Then all Flesh will see the Glory (Jesus) of the Lord.

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  1. Great Synopsis of this role in the Body of Christ/Kingdom of God. Simply Prepare for the His Return because Jesus IS Coming Soon. Each day I somewhat wake up a bit sad that he has not come. The Holy Spirit ministered to me, “they are not ready.” Often being a Forerunner is a hard place to be, you see the big picture, future, end result, while others are still trying to figure out, know, and understand what God is doing. Therefore patience is required as God perfects his plans, not only in you, but others in general which can take some time (Selah) Oh powerful the Body of Christ could be if they would allow God to reveal like he wants to his thoughts and plans to many.

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