Prophecy can come in many forms. Not every word from God is given with “Thus saith the Lord” at the beginning. Each time we hear the Spirit of God through a friend or through circumstances, it is a word from God. It is a prophetic word. However, there are many levels of the prophetic, and many ways it can be delivered. Prophetic teaching has as its main qualities a message from God which tells of something which is either to come or is here now but not understood. It can have a warning nature to it or the prophetic can reveal something not seen. Prophecy originates in the heart of God. All believers can prophesy, but only IF it originates in the heart of God. Anyone can hear God and speak it. After all He did use a donkey.

Prophecy is ministry inspired by God that will in the end result, encourage, exhort, admonish or point out direction for a church or an individual. It is through the giftings of God, which is the grace of God, that the needs of a great harvest shall be met. The prophetic teaching is a practical structure which can make each church highly efficient at meeting the diverse needs of a post modern, multi cultured society.

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