The Body of Christ

The Body Of Christ is unlike any group of people on earth. The picture painted by Jesus and the detailed description by Paul of how the Body of Christ should interrelate reveals a unique interdependent yet independent relationship which only the Holy Spirit can orchestrate. The Body of Christ is not an organization it is a living organism. It’s life and likeness is in Jesus Christ. We however, in our weakness fail to reach such a high mark and become a organization which only represents Christ rather than being a living image of Him.

Martin Luther’s reformation in the early 1500’s was a turning point for all believers back to Christ. It was a major reformation. Throughout church history the Holy Spirit has shaped and reshaped the church. Today we are again are on the verge of a reformation of the Church of enormous scale. We stand on the edge of a reformation which will transform the church AND its members. It will not be perpetrated by one man as was the case with Martin Luther, but through many “reformers” by the Holy Spirit. These forerunner prophets and apostles will reshape the way we perceive and “do” church. No longer will it be that we are just waiting for the Lord to return but we will be dedicated to the conquest of the whole earth. This is not conquest in the terms of this world, but in Kingdom of God terms. The raising up of a army of Prophets and Apostles (reformers) will bring reformation to the church and reshape it to better do the work it is called to do. Home churches and grassroots (unorganized) missions efforts will arise without seeming organization or structure. The Holy Spirit will bring by His direction “Holy Ghost chaos”. The greater the Lordship of the Holy Spirit the more unorganized the church will become. His organization will appear to be chaos to those who do not understand His ways. But the Church will emerge spotless and victorious.

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