Everyone wants to accomplish something in their life that has significance, because living for something that is bigger than ourselves gives us pleasure, meaning, and worth.

Every human is gifted with talents and abilities which when they are inspired, sharpened through use and nurtured, can transformation every area of our world. Never has their been a time in history where we have needed the reformation and wisdom of inspired men and women to reform our institutions. We must alleviate poverty, needless suffering and disease. We must take a stand for justice and equality, and push the boundaries of knowledge and understanding to new heights. Everyone of us is positioned to make a contribution to making our world what we image it to be, and beyond!

As stewards of the Earth it is our responsibility and destiny to manage its resources and develop its potential. As forerunners of the age-to-come it is our pleasure to create, reform and to set new benchmarks for standards in every area of our world starting with government, education, religion, entertainment, media, the arts, science and business. It is with wisdom we can transform every area we touch, though creativity, integrity, and the pursuit of excellence. We must reform what exists and discover what does not.

Every purpose we undertake will have challenges that require our mental, emotional and spiritual strength. Every objective has its difficulties which we must learn to let transform us rather than defeat us. They are to teach us and make us into the people we need to be to accomplish the purpose we set out to achieve. It is in the valleys when we can not see our objective that we gain or lose our dream. It is in these moments we must strengthen ourselves and believe we have the resources to overcome every obstacle. If we can do this, we can overcome anything. Our choices in crisis will determine our success. We therefore must learn to overcome doubt, disappointment and feelings of defeat. When we do, there is nothing which will be impossible for us.

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  1. i agree with you that none of us was created for ourself , so it is only when we are living for more than ourself that we find fulfillment and meaning of life. i am actually very interested in reading and discussing further on the article on alternative community living on your website. i am a 52year old never been married female, and have been in an itinerant prophetic ministry, untill late 2005 i felt released into an apostolic grace, and mandated of TheLord to establih work which is to define, form and .express the emerging 3rd day church of the holy of holies. which i clearly know is to begin as a prophetc community that evolves into an apostolic community and finally into a kingdom community,as the expression of the kingdom of heaven on earth. are you or any one you know doing anything to define the truth stated in that article? i desire to here about this and pray that you remain in His will.

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