Intentional Communities

The price of fuel and food has gone up almost 30% in the last 6 months. Or maybe it would be better said, that money has been devalued by 30%. The devaluation is not likely to stop soon considering the policies of the US Federal Reserve. For many people this devaluation will severely affect their financial viability and lifestyle. The most affected are those on fixed incomes such as seniors. One of the most effective ways to combat the shrinking value of incomes is to collaborate with others to reduce costs. The powerful benefits of working together are demonstrated in “Intentional Communities”.

These communities come together to gain efficiencies and to accomplish certain predetermined objectives. There are also benefits of friendships and the security of community that make these communities attractive for people of all ages. They are so efficient young people are able to retire from the grind of the money system. Jesus said. “do not build your house on sand”. He was talking about working for money since its value is like shifting sand. Getting off the grid is the way out of this system for many Christians. Living and working together and taking care of each other is how the Kingdom of God is designed.

Intentional communities are not to be confused with the communes of the past. Each family owns and has full control over their property. Where people collaborate is in the reaching the “intention” of the community. This not unlike a company however the objective is not for profit at any and all costs which is typical for many companies. Intentional communities which use christian values prioritize all the needs of a family and share both the responsibility and the rewards of their intentionality (work).

The Forerunner Project is in the process of building an intentional community with a focus on sustainable homes and mission outreach in Costa Rica. The community is looking for land in an area of Costa Rica which has been designated by National Geographic as having the best weather in the world. The community will use leading-edge sustainable house construction for this climate and make its own electricity and grow its own food. Local students will be trained in the skills of growing organic food and building alternative housing. The Forerunner Living and Learning Center will also promote cultural exchanges and present music and cultural events. More information about this opportunity to grow and give is available here: (coming soon). In the meantime leave a comment and someone will get back to you shortly.

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  1. Charity Chastain says:

    I currently live in Costa Rica and am interested in the community that you speak of on the web. I am a single woman of faith in Jesus, having been brought through the grace of God. I know that we are commanded to keep company with one another and grow in the likeness of the Lord, while bringing the gospel to others around us. I have only lived here for 6 months but fellowship is lacking and the community you speak of appears to be answer to prayer. I would appreciate any information you may have, if you can share it with me. I would also offer my help in any way to bring about the vision you have for this community.

    Thank you for your time and Peace be with you.


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