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Paul Weigel, Co-Founder

What is Success?
Over the past 17 years The Forerunner Project has been developing a complete (holistic) life-based success curriculum to prepare adults ages 18-34 to succeed personally and in their occupation (mission) to succeed at making exceptional contributions to whatever sector of society in which they are engaged.

Success is not something you can separate from a successful person. They are inseparable because success is the natural product of who a person is. What you are is the most important component in a life of success. A person’s values, skills, perspective, and motivation, often called “character”, naturally attract opportunity or repel it. People with a high standard of values and abilities radiate success and attract exceptional and talented people to their projects. It is what you are that attracts them. Investors invest in people first and projects second. People with highly developed skills and focused intention attract resources of all kinds. In other words, there is no short cut, secret, or magic to becoming successful, but it is possible to shorten the process.

Becoming Your Success
Every person must “become” in order to be the person who can achieve their goal. In the simplest form, a marathon runner’s success is built on how he/she trains; therefore, you have to “up your game” to be able to achieve your objective, not with some trite “formula” or motivational speech, but by “becoming the success” you want to achieve. Gandhi’s most famous quote was “be the change you want to see”. The emphasis is on “be”. What is holding you back from success? What do you have to be to become the person that is successful? What do you have to become to overcome? There is no secret. There is no magic. There is, however, a direct route to becoming what you need to become in order to be success-ful. What are the principles of becoming and personal change-making insights that will help you get where you want to go as quickly as possible?

Grow Yourself – Grow Your Success
Everyone starts out looking at the mountain they want to climb and believes they can do it. The real measure of your ability to succeed, however, is in the climb. Any deficiencies show up on the mountain. It is then, in the heat of the battle to succeed, that you have to make the changes necessary to obtain the goal. You can’t prepare well enough before you start the climb to guarantee success. It is the climb that reveals what you have to be to assure success. The journey is the preparation. You can’t learn this at Harvard, nor do they teach it, yet we all need to learn and grow and share the victories, principles and wisdom that lead to success.

Find Your Amazing!
Becoming is about being. The curriculum which is part of our “schools” and which is reflected in this blog, addresses the whole person – body, mind and spirit. We are one being but with 3 parts, and all of these parts require preparation for becoming.

What Is Your Identity?
We also believe that we are enough. Our talents, strengths and potential for success are enough for us to succeed. We may think we know who we are, but our motivation, talents and strengths most often far exceed our awareness. Few of us realize just how much potential we actually have. The challenge is to release ourselves from the things that limit us. We can’t form our identity without others affirming who we are and what we do. We need each other to be whole, effective and intentional.

Uncommon Success
Talent is common, success is uncommon – why? The most exceptional and talented athlete would be quite ordinary if he/she never practiced diligently and consistently. Knowing we have talent or other gifts is not enough to guarantee success. Being consistent, diligent and focused is what releases talent and potential. Those who learn how to overcome the tendency to “drift” through life taking the path of least resistance are the people who are the most likely to succeed.

What you are and become either brings success to you naturally or prevents your success. Therefore, I encourage you to grow yourself and become the person who is able to achieve your goals and better your life and the life of those around you. The Become 2 Overcome blog is an introduction to the “Forerunner Curriculum”. It is a good first step in starting your transformation – why not take a few steps forward today!

Content Categories
1. Find Your Unique Purpose and Passion
a. Description: We have spent the last 20 years helping people “Find Their Amazing”. Looking for meaning and joy? We use industry leading professional assessments to help people of all ages discover their motivation and interests.

b. Foresight for Forerunners: Ever felt like an outsider, or like you are ‘marching to a different drum’? You may be a ‘Forerunner’ and if you are, you’re not alone…in fact you’re pretty special.

2. Learning How to Take Care of Yourself
a. Description: Increase your body, mind and spirit wellness as a part of your strategic plan to BECOME 2 Overcome. Health = Wealth. Take a deep dive into holistic health with actionable and powerful get-it-done strategies.

3. From 10,000 Feet
a. Description: Ideas, Ideals and Issues – putting information into perspective produces understanding, meaning and direction. Zoom up to 10,000 feet and get the big picture on your life and the world.

4. How Winners Win (Podcast)
a. Description: this podcast provides problem solving strategies, tools and techniques delivered first-hand from people succeeding in enterprises, the non-profit sector and in their personal endeavors. What is holding you back? Every problem has a solution.

5. Christian Blog For Forerunners – How to Overcome, Succeed, and Become
a. Description: Forerunners are people with a unique set of motivations and perspective. They love adventure, are not afraid of change and prefer to chart a life-course that others have not taken. You may be a forerunner, but even if your are not, this stream of content offers valuable wisdom and guiding light for overcoming and succeeding in life.

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Become 2 Overcome is the official blog of The Forerunner Project Inc. founded in 2003 as the Canadian charity “The Forerunner Ministry Inc.”. In 2008, the Board of Directors changed the objects and the name of the organization to “The Forerunner Project Inc.” to reflect its mission of equipping and empowering people (youth) to make exceptional contributions to better our world.

The Forerunner Project is not officially a Christian organization, however the founders of the organization are Christians. Our objective is to help all people discover their purpose and to equip them to overcome and to succeed in that purpose throughout their life. It is, however, inevitable that as followers of Jesus Christ our world-view is somewhat evident in our writing- that is unavoidable. We hope this will not become a barrier to you embracing the powerful truths evident in this blog and to you putting them to practice for your and others’ benefit.

Paul Weigel
The Forerunner Project Inc.