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Becoming Fruitful

All of God's Great Men Were Prepared

The Heart of Man

Readers Comments:

Thank you Paul. You have given this word, this wisdom and this encouragement to all of us who are going through this journey of becoming fruitful in the Kingdom. - Deborah Pepper, KJSL AM 630 St. Louis

Your book is packed with incredible insight and encouragement. It is a deeply provocative book. - Rachael Wallace-Oberle, Faith FM - Kitchener

I have been loaning your book out, and people are eating it up! I would like to order 4 copies. Kathy Sanchez, Lockhart, TX

Well I've recommended your book to almost every person that I know has gone, or is going through a difficult time. I guess that's a testimony to how highly I regard the work. I just loaned my autographed copy to Chris B. with the absolute promise he'll give it back. Garry Warden, Kingdom Bound Ministries NY

It is manna from heaven and food for my soul. It is explaining a lot of what people are going through. Many are unfortunately running, rebelling and dying in the wilderness. Many don 't understand what is happening to them. When I finish, I plan to purchase more for our home church and evangelistic team. Diane Carr

Your honesty was very, very helpful to me - especially the way you do not mince words and make no bones about the fact that the Process can last a very long time indeed. As far as I can reckon, I entered the Wilderness about 15 years ago. And yes, I think the Process has been somewhat prolonged by my groaning, moaning, complaining and struggling against the Lord at times. (I don't respond to pain very well). I am still in the Process some where and was becoming weary of it. Your book was just the encouragement I needed to persevere and hang in there. I found the book a great encouragement and a great comfort - especially to better understand or confirm the ways of the Lord. Linda Brown, New Zealand.

I received your wonderful book late last week and read it over the weekend! Wow, how I wish this would have been around while I was going through many of my deserts over the past couple decades!!! It sure would have helped!! was very affirming to me that you and others (in addition to the characters in the Bible) have gone through similar Processes. This book will be sooo helpful for folks, I believe!! A real Treasure for many!! I'm sooo thrilled by all my friends that are being sooo encouraged by your book!!!! PTL!!!!!!!!!! Please send me another 10 copies.
Warmly, Grace Weibe, Surrey, B.C. Canada

I have thoroughly enjoyed my copy of A Journey In The Wilderness. It is thoroughly marked up, underlined, and with many additional notations. I would also like to request another 5 copies of your book for friends that I know will be blessed. Toni Cranmer

I have borrowed this book from a Christian friend of mine and enjoyed it so much that I wanted my own copy. ....this book will always be in my library of Christian books...ready for me to reference to and read over and over again. Annette Hollender

Your book is truly a message from the Lord. It has been incredibly signifcant in this journey! It has been shinning light on things I could not understand before and helping me on this journey towards the trust and faithfulness and intimacy I so deeply desire. Kathleen Peterson, Freeport IL

I am so grateful to you for allowing the Lord to use you. I am reading the book again this time to ask God, where I am in the journey. The encouragement you gave regarding humbing myself was very wise. Living in the light of His glory, Carla Brown. Fort McMurray, AB, Canada


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