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The "Words" found in this section have been chosen because in some way they speak figuratively or quite candidly about the Wilderness, the process of God's sanctification (setting us wholly aside for Him) and/or the preparing of an army, or the Bride of Christ. Most of these words have come from people all over the globe who with one voice are saying virtually the same thing. That is, that the Church is in a season of testing and purging in preparation for its most glorious hour, just before the return of Jesus. These are some of the best words I have seen that speak of what is, and what is to come, in the Kingdom of God in the near future.

 Do Not Covet Renewal  A Season of Birthing Vision of Revival From Polluted Waters
   Mega-Trends, Rick Joyner
 Fresh Baptism of Fire  The Story Of Joshua  A Word by Ching Co
 Most Treasured Army  Hammer of Heaven  To The Church In The Nations
Prophecy For Prophets  He Is Setting The Stage  Super Bowl - John Paul Jackson 
*The Apostolic Faith* -William Seymore  The Two Witnesses   Wilderness Workers

 False Prophecy

 Called To Martyrdom?

 Unknown Soldiers

 Where can you find Jesus

 Green Apples

The Summit 

The Emerging Bride

Rivers Over the Earth

My Children, My Bride 

Frog Spirits 

A Door Of Hope 

 Dry Times Coming

God's Treasure Is Hidden

 Hope Deferred







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