John The Baptist Minstry

The Forerunner ministry is in proclaiming the word, "make straight the way of the Lord". John The Baptist's ministry was a ministry of PREPARATION. Every Christian must be prepared for their ministry to God as the Bride of Christ. The Forerunner features books and seminars to develop deeper life in Christ. All of these Christian books and teachings focus on how God prepares us for our pure service to Jesus and the Church for our Lord's return. Like any Bride preparing for a wedding, the Holy Spirit's preparation will reveal us as the spotless Bride of Christ.

The Forerunner ministry is focussed on bring understanding and warnings not to rebel against the Lord's purging work. The work of a forerunner is to proclaim the season of preparation of the Lord and to make known His ways of preparing His people. Our Preparation For Ministry is about God building godly character in us. Godly character is the preparation He is doing because it is godly character which will cause us to be able to be obedient the Holy Spirit. By being obedient to the Holy Spirit we will not fulfill the lusts of the Flesh, but fulfill our destiny in Christ.

We are commanded (John 15:1-8) to become fruitful in the Kingdom or we will be cut off. God's preparation for ministry is not an option. Every christian who is willing to follow Christ is being prepared wheather they know it or not. The forerunner ministry is called to help the church better understand and respond to God's preparation process. To find out more about the Forerunner ministry click here.







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