The Promised Land

The Children of Israel's journey to the promised land is more than a historical account of God's people. This story, 1 Corinthian 10 says, is for our understanding and warning so we would not make the same mistakes that Israel made. Their journey in the wilderness is a paradigm of our journey into the possession of God's promises. Each stage of their journey is an example for us of what God wants to do in us and how He does it. Moses and Joshua led the Children of Israel through three distinct stages of their journey: the wilderness, Jericho, and the defeat of the Seven Nations. Their Journey In The Wilderness is as much about God as it is about the Children of Israel. God's purposes of redemption are hidden in the allegory of the Journey.

A Journey In The Wilderness, (the new book by author Paul K. Weigel) is a prophetic teaching, proclaiming that this is the season of preparation of the church and outlining the ways God prepares His people. The promised land for the church is to have the flesh crucified and to be free to walk obedient to the Holy Spirit. It is walking in the Holy Spirit that we will not fulfill the lusts of the Flesh and do the powerful and eternal work of God. This is what it means to be a living sacrifice. To worship God with the most precious offering you can give - your life. This brings glory to God and will result in the building up of much treasure in heaven. For us it is the essence of the true Abundant Life - to do the will of the Father. For more information about how you can find your promised land and find out more about the Forerunner Ministry. For more infromation about the promised land and the process of entering into your personal destiny read "A Jounrey In The Wilderness" free.






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