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Living An Authentic Life
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Dynamic Reading Seminar
One of the most important skills we have learned has been reading. Whether we are business persons, leaders, office staff, or students we spend significant portions of our day reading. However, the reading methods that we use today are those learned in about 4th grade. There is a much better way to read! Dynamic Reading can double, triple or even multiply your current reading speed by 10 times! It IS possible to read a 200 page book in 45 minutes with 70% comprehension with Dynamic Reading. What would you read if you could Dynamic Read....what would you do with the extra time you're wasting right now?

This is What Dynamic Reading Can Do For You.
Dynamic reading will enable a person to read at 5-15 times the average rate of reading. The average worker spends 1-1.5 hours per day reading on the job. This seminar can empower individuals to manage their reading requirements and even expand them into areas that will enhance their professional abilities and their performance.

Course outcomes are that the attendee will read faster and process information more effectively. They will comprehend more, manage time more efficiently, and improve their memory and sharpen their concentration. Our 4 hour seminar will generally double a person's reading rate immediately. If they continue to practise the methods, it is very reasonable to increase the average reader's speed by 5 times (1000 words per minute) and even 15 times (3000 wpm) is possible.

Workshop participants will experience reading at 1300 words per minute with reduced comprehension, but with practice will increase comprehension to above average rates. The workshop also teaches eye exercises and mind-mapping techniques to increase comprehension, memory, analytical ability and attention span. Students find that being able to read a 200 page document in 45 minutes or less is a tremendous advantage in their work and personal life.

Reading is an important everyday event and being able to Dynamic Read is an "efficiency" well worth the investment. It opens up whole new worlds of learning. What would you read if you could Dynamic Read?

This same Dynamic Reading seminar has been taught to executives, managers, and staff of Fortune 500 companies throughout the USA and Canada over the past 20 years.



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